our partners

We are currently involved in numerous partnership contracts throughout the Midlands region from ‘Decent Homes’ projects  to ‘cyclical works’ programmes and communal fire retardant systems.


We are close working partners with a number of specialist manufacturers.





Recent C7 partnership projects:


rc="http://nutcrackerdesign.co.uk/c7/images/greenbullet.jpg" />Whitefriars

Hereford Housing

Gloucester City Homes

Cheltenham Borough Council

Matrix Housing Group

Wolverhampton Homes

Worcester Community Housing

Castle Vale Housing Association

Walsall Housing Group

Stafford Homes

Warwickshire Homes

Birmingham City

Sandwell Homes   

open book

We are happy to discuss the option of open book partnering with prospective clients, although in recent years organisations have viewed this approach as less favourable.


Depending on the nature of works, this approach can still be a more successful way of improving service, quality and local employment and achieving competitive costs.


A key area for the success of open book partnering we feel is the added involvement of the material manufacturers which allows the client to see the total cost involved.


Should you require further help or information, C7 Contractors and our partners welcome the opportunity to further discuss the ideas and ways this approach can benefit your organisation.