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The company seeks to maximise the positive environmental impact of its activities in order to create the best possible environment for occupants of the projects on which we work.


We are also committed to reducing any negative impact upon the environment that may arise from our working practices. This is implemented via an ongoing research, review and selection procedure covering all current and proposed processes and materials. In partnership with both Dulux/ICI and Crown we actively encourage and support new and innovative ways of reducing the use of harmful substances, one example being the use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints wherever possible.


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The company holds a Waste Carriers Licence and is committed to reducing levels of waste as much as possible, currently recycling almost 80% of the waste we produce. This is exemplified by our current policy on returned empty paint containers:


We have two specialist waste paint bins; one for solvent-based paint residues, and one for water-based. All returned paint tins and containers are emptied into their respective bins, and the empty containers are separated into metal and plastic.


Plastic and metal containers are segregated and stored ready for collection by commercial recycling operators, with all metal containers being compacted by our on-site crushing facility beforehand.


The stored paint residues are then re-worked into the system by further specialist companies, and the solvent waste paint is manufactured into various items, such as car parts.


Our general waste is minimised and separated into paper, plastic, etc., to facilitate efficient recycling.


We also use an ‘envirowash’ system at our premises for cleaning hand tools and brushes in an environmentally friendly way.


If however, not all surplus paint stock needs to be recycled, we donate all re-usable and surplus clean stock to charitable causes, such as school projects or for use in Third World countries